Thursday, April 12, 2007

Monkey at The Mystery Spot

I used to drive past The Mystery Spot in Santa Cruz all the time, but never went there. I had a friend who literally lived five minutes away by way of foot, but never found the time. With my friend Al Kaplan's stuffed monkey and my friend, Colleen, that was going to change.

Here is our tour guide Ryan, leaning, at the mystery spot, and on the left, Monkey, who seems pretty skeptical.

Inside, I put Monkey on a pendulum, before I learned it was the marker of the center of the Mystery Spot. Ooops.

Due to the unusual gravity in the area, people can walk up these stairs as easy as a ladder. I put Monkey on them, he reminds me here of the movie, The Usual Suspects.

I handed Colleen my camera, so I could be in one with him.

This is what the leaning cabin behind me looks like.

We had a great time. Tomorrow, photos from another spot we went to, no clues this time.

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Anonymous said...

I'm envious of not just the adventures that Monkey is experiencing, but it looks like he's enjoying a bit of cuddling too.